Tips To Prevent And Treat Weed Growth In Gardens

No homeowner wishes to see their beautiful garden ruined by the growth of undesirable weeds. Weeds, unfortunately, can germinate and spread rapidly. So if you spot on, take immediate action to remove them or else it will only be a matter of time before it spread its seeds and established its roots deep in the garden.

Weed prevention

·        Healthy grass

If you believe your garden is healthy and spot a weed growing, then there is clearly something deficient in your garden. Weeds are observed to thrive and present in gardens lacking healthy nutrients or when some issue with the fertility and texture of the soil is prevalent. Thus always remember to adequately water and enrich your soil with necessary fertility in order to prevent weed popping.

·        Deep watering

It is highly imperative you water the garden for healthy soil and lawn. Do not restrict your watering, as the garden will require a minimum of an inch of water spread over them. Tend to water your garden at least once a week properly. Giving the grass adequate water enables its roots to reach deep into the soil preventing any unwanted growth of weed roots.


·        Tallgrass

We do not require tall and thick grass. Why? Since tall grass over shades and makes it difficult to spot the growth of weeds. So tend to mow your lawn frequently as it enables you to a get a direct view of the grass.

·        Mulch

Remember to mulch your soil as it prevents weed roots and seeds from growing. Mulching is beneficial for those parts of the soil to plant flowers. Moreover, it leaves the ground cool and enhances the growth of desirable plants.

·        Pre-emergent herbicides

Remember to use and spray different kinds of pre-emergent herbicides over the lawn as it prevents weeds from taking growth within the soil.

Weed treatments

·        Pull them out

It is better to pull the weeds out when the soil is moist as it is relatively easier. Moreover, tend to pull the weed out by its roots as if the roots are still attached in the soil, it could grow again.

·        Prune

In instances where you cannot pull the weed out by its root, resort to cutting the head or top off as this will hinder its ability to germinate.

·        Post-emergent herbicides

In last case scenarios when the garden is filled with weeds and pulling them out is no longer an option, consider spraying them with post-emergent herbicides, as these directly attack the roots of the weed and kill it from within.

·        Glyphosate

This concentrated herbicide will kill any plant it comes in contact with. So when availing such strong herbicides, be careful and avoid spraying over the lawn. Instead, apply on isolated weeds.