Tips On How To Make Your Home Eco-Friendly

Conserve water

One of the main factors revolving around eco-friendly is establishing water conservation. In order to conserve water in your house, make sure to fix any leaky taps present. After redressing any cracks and leaks, it is imperative you determine specific lifestyle changes to conserve water such as turning off the tap when brushing or shaving and setting up low flow shower heads. Low flow shower heads are known to retain significant liters of water.

Installing a smart meter

Unnecessary heating is one of the prime components that avail significant energy and stack current bills. It is especially easy to overuse the heater during the winter months. In order to avoid such mistakes, tend to install a smart meter as it only turns on a couple of times a day according to the programme set. They switch on and off according to a predetermined time. Installing smart meters are bound to reduce your current bills and carbon footprint as well.

Avail energy efficient light bulbs

Energy efficient light bulbs are a much better viable option as compared to the traditional light bulbs considering they are energy efficient and tend to last more prolonged periods.

Installing solar panels

Installing panels are an essential step in becoming eco-friendly as it converts sunlight to energy, producing 100 percent clean energy. Solar panels generate enough and more electricity to power your entire house. Setting up solar panels is however a long term investment and crucial environmental friendly step.

Talk with sustainability consultants

Each and every home is distinct, and not all eco-friendly measures will be sufficient enough for every household. To get a better and expert opinion on how to make your house green, tend to seek the services and advise of sustainability consultants. Sustainability consultants after analyzing the home can formulate ideas and tips on how to convert the home into a more eco-friendly home.

Promote natural cleaning products

Using harmful chemicals to clean the house can damage the environment as when it is washed away with water, it will require further purification. You can replace such harmful chemicals with natural cleaning agents such as vinegar, citric acid, and bicarbonate soda.


You can minimize energy consumption by effectively insulating your home. Proper insulation in the doors and roofs ensure heat is maintained during cold brisk seasons. Recommended areas to cover are within the walls and the ceiling. Consider availing double glazing windows as they prevent heat from escaping and cold penetrating in.

Create a compost pit

Instead of throwing away and dumping all leftover food and degradable waste products, drop them into your compost pit in your garden or yard. Formulating compost pits are beneficial as they reduce carbon footprint and improve soil fertility.

Purchase recycled

A basic fundamental of eco-friendly is recycling. Tend to purchase only recycled materials such as toilet paper, kitchen roll, and whatnot since they reduce carbon footprint.